About Us

Ourons Ltd was originally Ouron Fishing. Started way back in 2005 by Ronnie Robson who sold finest quality fishing baits and flavours. Ronnie traded on eBay as well as the website and built up a valued reputation as an expert in fishing and fish oils.

Over the years, this site focus has changed to serve pets, farms and agricultural ventures with different types of powders and oils. Our flagship salmon oil can be used for fishing, it is human food grade and processed especially for the pet market.

For the future, we aim to expand our product range, keeping our prices low and the quality top-notch.

I am to answer all enquires. emails etc as soon as I can, normally the same day. I try to catch the first post of the day which is around 12.30pm and aim to process all orders before that on that day. 

If you have a question regarding your order, you can email or phone me. I will do my very best to answer your questions.