Bait Smoke

Ourons Sticky Bait Smoke Fishing Liquid

Video : Watch the popup soaked in our bait smoke make cloudy attractive scent trails

The video has been speeded up by a factor of 8

You can use this bait smoke in all kinds of fishing baits, as a soak, dip, glug. Here we have painted some popups.

Ourons bait smoke is pva friendly, it has no maximum dosage, though if you are using to soak baits then we would suggest about 1 or 2%. It is a thick and sticky liquid and the more you use, the stickier your baits will get. Our range is krill, sweetcorn or squid and octopus bait smoke flavours, we've had success with all three at different times of the year. I will add a video soon of some bottom boilies soaked in bait smoke as its very interesting how the cloudy trails seep out into the waters with those.

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