1 Litre Aniseed Oil Bait, Birds and Hunting

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5 out of 5 stars from 7 reviews
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Product Description

1 Litre Ourons Aniseed Spice Oil, for fishing, farming, hunting, budgies and shooting sports.

Aniseed Oil for Fishing Baits

This aniseed oil has a strong aniseed aroma. Whilst it also contains other spices, this does not detract from the main aniseed aroma. Include into your mixes at a inclusion rate of no more than 6/8 ml per pound of dry mix.

This has been tried and tested for well over 16 months of constant fishing for various types of fish and carp, bream and roach were the main quarry. This is also suitable to be injected into dead fish, for the elusive pike, as I have done on Loch Ken in Scotland.

Success was obtained for all species of fish, including quite large carp. I have also used this to make small pea sized boilies, sticking them together with super glue then using them on a hair rig. (Try making Paste ) Then make sure you seal it well before placing in the freezer for the next day!

This oil has been a firm favourite for many years because of its unforgettable strong aroma, it smells like the aniseed balls we used to buy when we were small children from the corner sweet shop.

Aniseed Oil For Hunting Sports

The aroma of aniseed has long been used in hunting and shooting sports. Deer, pheasant and pigeons for example are well attracted to the strong aniseed aroma. Depending on your sport and usage it can be helpful to also purchase with a quantity of our pure aniseed powder for extra oopmh in your chosen holding area. 

Essential Aniseed Oil

If you are looking for 'neat' aniseed oil that you can add your own carrier to, then please see my listing for 100ml Essential Anise Oil (Aniseed)

Aniseed Oil for Budgies

Suitable for Budgies

I have been lucky enough to gain a review for this aniseed oil from a breeder of Exhibition Budgies.


It reads :

As a breeder of Exhibition Budgies, i'm keen to provide a diet that is not only quality but varied to keep them in the best condition, for breeding and exhibiting.

i have used this product for a short time now but have already noticed a considerable difference in the way in which the birds them selves are feeding, the noticeable differences are the eagerness and willingness to feed upon new items added to their diets to which previously could have taken a few days.

i believe this is Mainly down to the attractant properties of the use of aniseed its self to birds but i have personally seen the difference

I am currently using the product on 2 variations of food which is provided daily to my birds which are as follow:

- Fresh wet food, Mix of grated vegetables and fruits seasonally selected with the addition of groats and dry egg food, i add 5 ml per kilo of feed to which this is fed on a daily basis.

Secondly i have added this to a dry mix of my own version of tonic seed, which is a mixture of high nutrient and good fatty seeds. i have added the product at a volume of 20 ml per kilo of feed and this is fed within finger draws on a daily basis also.

the product its self not only smells good as you'd expect from the aroma of aniseed but also feels good, the oil carrier isn't sticky but have found it complements the types of feed i am currently offering.

Aniseed oil itself has many benefits to the keeping budgies and other bird alike helping with digestive health; its antimicrobial properties act against bacteria, yeast and fungi infections.

I will be watching closely in the coming months to monitor the improvement in my birds but as a start i can certainly say i am more than pleased with this product and will certainly be making recommendations to other fellow keepers in the immediate future

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars from 7 reviews
Reviewed on 11 Apr 2019
by Peter Bewley

Very good product use it a lot

Reviewed on 11 Oct 2018
by Chris

Great product

Reviewed on 24 Sep 2018

Excellent quality Aniseed oil at a good price, I use it to flavour my luncheon meat which I cube up and marinate over a couple of days works really well for me and had some good catches plus I add a bit to my hempseed good stuff

Reviewed on 30 May 2018
by Victor Jones

This is the first occasion I have used your Product, The delivery was as good as i would expect, fast, and the courier made me aware of time and date,both were as promised. The Product, I have started to use and the results so far are good, my Birds are eating the seed ( I breed Budgerigars. I use your Product to coat the Seed so the Powders I use to give extra Protein and minerals during the Breeding Season adhere to the seed) Thanks, I know where to Purchase the "ANISEED SPICE" in the future.

Reviewed on 15 Apr 2018
by Robert mann

Excellent service Using aniseed oil in my fishing bait And it smells fantastic

Reviewed on 29 Dec 2017
by eBay Review

Fast shipping and Smell s good.

Reviewed on 14 Nov 2017
by eBay Review

Strongest smelling one I have ever purchased. Quick Delivery. Thanks

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